Corporate Responsibilty

 As a business Leader I recognize that

  • The enterprise I lead must serve the greater good by bringing together people and resources to create value that no single individual can create alone,
  • My decisions can have far-reaching consequences that affect the wellbeing of individuals inside and outside my enterprise, today and tomorrow,
  • As I reconcile the interests of different constituencies, I will face choices that are not easy for me and others.


So I promise that

  1. I will manage my enterprise diligently and in good faith and will not let personal considerations and compensation supersede the long-term interest of my enterprise and society at large,
  2. I will understand and uphold, both in letter and spirit, the laws and contracts governing my own conduct and that of my enterprise,
  3. I will respect and protect the human rights and dignity of all people who are affected by my enterprise and will oppose all forms of discrimination and exploitation,
  4. I will respect and protect the right of future generations to enjoy a clean and resourceful planet,
  5. I will not engage in nor tolerate bribery or any other form of corruption,
  6. I will represent the performance and risks of my enterprise accurately and honestly to each of the constituencies that are affected by it,
  7. I will actively engage in efforts to finding solutions to critical social and environmental issues that are central to my enterprise, and
  8. I will invest in my own professional development as well as the development of other managers under my supervision.
In exercising my professional duties according to these principles I recognize that my behavior must set an example of integrity and responsible conduct.
This pledge I make freely and upon my honor.