Green Gold: How Carbon Finance can Help Mongolian Herders

A report has been published outlining the effects of the mining boom for Mongolian herders, that make up 41% of the population. With dramatic changes in motion, a crucial part of Mongolian life is in danger of being eroded.

“70% of [land] has gone through desertification.  While the government is attempting to address the fact that 60% of the population is below the poverty line, Tseelei says its methods are not the most beneficial for herders.  “The government policy was not really appropriate for the issues that herders were facing,” she says. 

The Mongolian Society for Range Management (MSRM), supported by the Green Gold Pasture Ecosystem Management Programme, makes it possible for Mongolia’s herder community to restore degraded pastures by connecting them to finance for sustainable land management in the carbon markets.  The Pasture Ecosystem Management Project was developed in response to Mongolia’s steadily overgrazed and eroding pastures (among the largest in the world) — and in preparation for the dramatic changes that are about to happen to this land-# # LOCKed country.

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By author: admin - Nov 16, 2010 / Categories: News