People and Culture

TenGer is committed to equal employment opportunity and employment equity throughout all levels of the organization. We strive to attract a diverse, qualified candidate pool that includes candidates from underrepresented designated groups. TenGer welcomes and encourage diversity in the workplace by hearing from prospective individuals to ensure we will be a good fit for one another.

Sain baina uu? My name is Isabella and I am a Project Development Officer in XacBank’s Eco Banking department. I went to Princeton University and am interested in the role of the financial sector in promoting meaningful environmental improvements. I moved to Ulaanbaatar through a fellowship program "Princeton in Asia" placing fellows at XacBank for 8 years. In Eco Banking department, I work on enabling Mongolian businesses to make meaningful energy efficiency improvements, while saving costs. XacBank is a great place to work because it is on the cutting edge of climate finance, including private sector entities in the fight to combat climate change. I feel lucky to be an employee at the first private sector entity in the developin world accredited by the Green Climate Fund. XacBank also is a great place to work because of its fantastic corporate culture; full of lively sports teams and after-work clubs. I decided to move to Ulaanbaatar because of this exciting job and also because I love outdoor activities, such as hiking and mountain biking. There is no better place in the world to be outside than on the beautiful Mongolia steppe!

My name is Viji Raghuveeran (in the middle) and we are a team of 3 working with XAC Bank for implementing 3 modules of FLEXCUBE (Core Banking Solution). Each and every day has been very refreshing and memorable in terms of work and the people. We have been treated with utmost care which goes beyond saying. Myself personally have travelled to 13+ countries and my stay in Mongolia is the best ever till date. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team which made this possible.