TenGer Insurance

TenGer Insurance was established in 2001 by the initiative of Mongolia’s largest petro chemical company under the name Bat Insurance. In 2010 the name was changed to TenGer Insurance and ever sense, the firm has grown into one of the leading insurance firms in Mongolia with its nationwide presence.

The company has 20 branches throughout Mongolia serving both corporate and retail customers. Currently, the firm is engaged in business activities with more than 300 insurance representatives. TenGer Insurance offers competitive and comprehensive insurance products of various types depending on the needs of the customers. Some of the products include coverage of property and equipment, petrochemical products, auto vehicle, third party liability, cargo and passenger liability, personal accident, temporary disability and comprehensive general liability to name a few.

In particular, the firm is the leader in petrochemical and international transport insurances. Along with the firm’s strong focus on corporate services, TenGer Insurance is aiming to introduce an unique micro-insurance for low-income individuals within the country in cooperation with leading micro finance institutions.

More info at web site: www.tengerdaatgal.mn
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