XacBank has lowered interest rates for all consumer and business loans, resulting in all XacBank loans to have maximum interest rates of 2.0%.

Since its foundation, XacBank has always brought our customers valuable and beneficial financial services and products.

As envisioned in our rebranding last year, the Bank has made customer-centric service a top priority, providing relevant solutions based on understanding each individual customer’s needs through high levels of personal service. The lowering of all loan interest rates is one example of how greatly we value our customers’ needs.

While the economy is not currently very robust, and the and holiday season is soon approaching, lowering loan interest rates to a maximum of 2.0% will help increase consumer buying power, raise business entities’ turnover rate, and support manufacturing by creating an enabling economic environment for growth.

Moreover, given this new maximum, XacBank is adjusting the rates for our existing customers who already have loans with no additional requirements.

Since June, XacBank has extended the maturity of loans, increased maximum loan amounts, and eased requirements for collateral and repayment terms, as well as lowered loan interest rates. Similarly, we have set vehicle and consumer loans at the lowest rate in the economy, with rates of 1.6%. Also, starting few days ago XacBank customers can now enjoy 0₮ fee for all transactions to be made at an ATM.

By author: tserendorj - Dec 03, 2016 / Categories: News